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Quality Internet over fixed wireless - no phone line required from
just €17.50 per month Pay-As-You-Go - get started here

WiMAX and fixed wireless Internet offers "last mile" connectivity across the Island of Kefalonia and is the perfect solution for properties and residencies without a phone line, or who cannot get a quality, reliable ADSL connection over the wire.

With a subsidised one-off installation and setup fee of €300 €175, you can now connect to our private, purpose-built network and get connected to the world-wide-web and enjoy quality, Pay-As-You-Go Internet allowing you to do exactly what you want, when you want, with no fixed-term contract or ongoing fees.

Over the last few years, we've been connecting hundreds of businesses, villas, apartments and homes with a quality Internet connection and our network continues to grow as we expand it to cover every Kefalonian town, village, mountain retreat and beach front residence.

To get started, simply send us your coordinates so we can run some tests from your location, we'll then let you know if we can service you, if not, at least we'll know where you are so we can expand our network and let you know when we can.

*You do not require and we do not supply a phone line, we supply a quality, fast connection to the Internet over our purpose-built private wireless network