Some answers to your questions
What equipment do I need?

All the necessary equipment is included with your installation fee, we provide everything you need to get you connected to the Internet over our network.

The outdoor antenna is a saucer-sized, dish (140mmØ X 56mm) router and high-gain antenna combination that will establish a high-speed connection to our network, from there we include up to 8 metres of Ethernet cable which is routed into the property and terminates at an indoor router which you connect to as normal.

The outdoor equipment is powered through the same Ethernet cable using a special adapter, so we need 2 power sockets, one each for the two routers and it's up to you to protect it from power spikes and surges, we can also supply surge protectors.

How do I know if I can get it?

You need to be able to see one of our base stations, therefore you need to let us know where you are, we can then let you know if we can service you, but if we're not yet able to cover you, at least we'll know where you are so we can expand our network and let you know as soon as we can.

You can easily let us know your position by sending us your coordinates, it's a map that you can use to pin-point your property, then send it in. We'll quickly get back to you with an answer.

How much does it cost?

We offer various Pay-As-You-Go payment packages, please see the packages section for details. There's a subsidised one-off installation fee of €300 €175 and includes all the equipment, configuration and work involved to get you installed and connected to our network.

What happens when there's a power-cut?

All key parts of the back-bone infrastructure have back-up battery power, meaning that our network will continue to operate even in a power-cut.

When the power is restored, your equipment will simply reboot and reconnect to our network.

What speed will I get?

We're careful not to say what our download speed is since we constantly change it to keep our service running fast and error-free, but it's fast enough to do whatever you want and providing you respect our Fair Usage Policy, there's no usage cap either.

By keeping abreast of the latest innovations within the industry, we constantly bring speed, reliability, efficiency and security enhancements to the network which you'll benefit from automatically. We regularly upgrade the network and infrastructure to keep it working flawlessly with the minimum of fuss and downtime for you creating a very reliable connection to the Internet.

I want to use a VoIP phone, will it work?

We have many clients who regularly use it with Voice Over IP equipment allowing them to extend their phone system across the Internet delivering perfect quality voice data to their Kefalonia property.

Our clients also use our service with IP cameras and weather stations, virtual private networks (VPN) and even property monitoring services. If it's something you can do over a normal wired service, then you can do it over our network, the only difference between our network and a wired one is the lack of wires.

I rent out my property, can I offer it to my guests?


Subject to you accepting our Terms & Conditions, when anyone using your connection understands the implications of privacy, misuse, abuse and or illegal activity and conforms to the same Terms & Conditions you can allow your clients to use our network providing you do not charge for it.

How safe and secure is it?

We've built the network from the ground up with various points of security, including firewalls and secure encryption between nodes, it's a highly secure and robust network. You also connect to the network using secure tunnels that cannot be intercepted, rather the same as a VPN which secures your connection between the two endpoints.

We take your privacy very seriously and for added peace of mind, we recommend you use a VPN for yet another layer of security, making our network more secure than the Internet itself.

How do I get started?

Before we can service you, we need to know where you are, if you can see one of our base stations, then you can get it.

To get started simply send us your coordinates and we'll run some initial tests then get back to you with an answer and the next step to get installed. Just locate and pin-point your property on our map then click on it for more details.