Available Service Packages

Here are the service packages we currently offer and their benefits. Once we've confirmed that you can join our network we'll send you a link so you can pay, then we'll contact you to get you installed. Once installed, you can take charge of your connection and Pay-As-You-Go.

  Week Away Second Home Second Home
Double Data
Best Value
Double Data
Mega Value
Mega Data
Service Period Weekly
(7 Days)
(30 Days)
(30 Days)
6 Months
(26 Weeks)
6 Months
(26 Weeks)
Daily Data Allowance* 3GB 3GB 6GB 6GB 10GB
Equipment Included Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Installation Included Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Configuration Included Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Technical Support Included Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Automatic Upgrades Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Automatic Failover Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Lifetime Equipment Guarantee Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Money-Back Guarantee 30-Days 30-Days 30-Days 30-Days 30-Days
One-Time Setup & Installation Fee €300 €175 €300 €175 €300 €175 €300 €175 €300 €175
Network Access Service Fee** €10 €22.50 €30 €105 €155

Connecting to the Internet over our purpose-built, private, wireless network is subject to our Terms, Conditions and Fair Usage policy. You will be disconnected if you reach the data amount you've chosen from our *3, 6 and 10GB daily packages above, which runs from midnight to midnight. The timed packages are independently added, so you can mix and match them to reach the time you require.

There's no minimum contract and the timer will start once you "Activate Service", it will then automatically run until the total activated time has expired or you reach your daily limit in which case it will restart again at midnight.

The one-off connection fee is backed by our 30-day money-back guarantee. If your connection does not deliver you a perfect service over the first 30-days, you'll receive a full refund. You are not purchasing any equipment, but it must be protected and kept in a serviceable condition while in your possession, in the event of component failure during normal use, we will replace and or repair it free of charge, this does not include the cable or ends which are perishable and therefore chargeable in the event of failure.

After you're up and running, you can "top-up" your account balance online to continue using it as and when you want, you are in total control. You can log into your account with your network Username & Password to view your account details including data usage statistics and you can use your balance to stay in control of your Internet connectivity. We accept all major credit and debit cards through PayPal, you don't need a PayPal account, it's totally safe, secure and instant.

Get started by sending in your coordinates.

**All prices exclude the current PayPal charges to be added at checkout, you DO NOT NEED an account to pay via PayPal if you're in the UK.
We're transferring you to PayPal for payment, when you return, we'll automatically credit your account, so you can follow the instructions to activate it and get online. DO NOT CLOSE YOUR BROWSER!